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SVS Student Bursary Program

The Seaway Valley Singers have allotted funds to create the Seaway Valley Singers’ Student Bursary Program. The bursaries provide direct support to students of music who are enrolled or have been accepted in any program at post-secondary institution. Applications are reviewed by the Seaway Valley Singers’ Bursary Committee. For the 2023-2024 season, a $500 bursary will be awarded.



To be considered for the Bursary, students must:

  • be a resident of Eastern Ontario;

  • be currently enrolled, or accepted as of the following school year, in full-time studies at a post-secondary institution (proof of registration or acceptance is required);

  • if not enrolled in a post-secondary Music program, take music lessons or instruction;

  • be willing and able to attend the Seaway Valley Singers’ Spring Concert for the Bursary presentation, as well as assist at the concert if required;

  • not have been a recipient in the last year that a bursary was awarded.


To apply for the Bursary, students must submit the following:

  • a completed Application form

  • confirmation of registration or acceptance from the learning institution they are or will be attending;

  • a brief letter explaining why the Bursary is needed, including musical goals and aspirations; and

  • a letter of support from a counselor, teacher, instructor, professor, dean, etc. (non-family member).



Bursary applications must be submitted to the Seaway Valley Singers with all supporting documentation scanned or attached by the date indicated on the application form by email to


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